Spokesman: Fire kills 6 people in Atlanta boarding house


Fire engulfed a boarding house in Atlanta on Monday, killing as many as six people, police and news reports said.

“So we can’t just rush in and try to get everybody out if the house is collapsing”, Cortez Stafford, Atlanta Fire spokesman told reporters.
The fire broke out near the intersection of Andrews and Edwards streets around 5 am. When they arrived, the blaze had already spread through the roof and throughout the building, making it impossible for firefighters to reach some areas of the home, Stafford said.
Fire officials said the home is a boarding home.
Neighbors told us flames were seen shooting up into the sky.
The victims include two women and four men. “And the firefighters explained the roof had caved in so they couldn’t go in until the fire was contained”, said Michelle Jones. One space heater was in the front of the house, and one was in the back, she said.