Turkey, Iran look to cooperate over regional issues


Iran assumes a special status for Turkey in its foreign policy, as Tehran’s foreign policy is based on expansion of ties with its neighbor, Iran’s First Vice President Es’haq Jahangiri said at a joint press conference with visiting Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu.

Turkey, Iran have agreed on Saturday to act together to bring stability to the region in spite of certain divisions between the two countries.
“Iran and Turkey have always had good neighborly relations”.
“We believe regional issues should only be resolved by the regional countries and nations”.
“We may have different views, but we can not change our history or our geography”, Davutoglu said, standing alongside Iranian Vice President Eshagh Jahangiri.
Russian Federation and Iran back Syrian President Bashar al-Assad while Turkey has sought his removal and supported rebels fighting to overthrow the Damascus regime.
The meeting, days before the planned resumption of Syrian peace talks in Geneva, also focused on a ceasefire that is largely holding in Turkey’s war-torn neighbour.
He also pointed to a new era in relations after the recent Iranian elections.
“The main obstacle that prevented us from reaching our goal was the sanctions”, Davutoglu said.
Officials on Saturday said Iran and Turkey aim to triple their annual trade to $30 billion within two years.
Davutoglu said Turkey and Iran have “a trade volume of about $10 billion; our goal is to take it to $30 billion”.
Trade between the two nations was $9.7 billion in 2015, according to the Turkish Statistical Institute.
Iran has invited Boeing to Tehran to negotiate a possible aircraft purchase, just after the country signed a major deal with its rival Airbus, Iran’s state television reported.
Turkey mainly sells machinery, vehicles and iron and steel products to Iran.
Davutoglu said that as foreign minister he tried to solve the problems in connection with Iran’s nuclear program, and now this problem has been solved.