March for Midwives want services to be a right not a privilege


SASKATOON – Across the province Saturday many took part in the “March for Midwives” to raise awareness and protest the lack of availability for midwife services in Saskatchewan.“I’m doing it for the women of Saskatchewan, we need more midwives and we need more choices,” organizer Samantha Buller-Kormos said.Samantha’s mother Amanda Buller says every woman should have a right to choose how they have children and not be forced into something they don’t want. Story continues below


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READ MORE: Mothers across Saskatchewan take part in “March for Midwives”“Giving birth at home should be an option for everyone that wants to,” Buller said.According to the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region, in 2015 only 54 per cent of women who were on the provincial midwife wait list were able to access the services. That means almost half had to change their birth plans.Currently in Saskatoon, there are 80 women on the midwife waiting list.Sarah Cochrane is a labour and birth doula in Saskatoon and sees this statistic first-hand.“I have a whole bunch of clients that apply to be with midwives and about half don’t get in and about half do. So on a daily basis I’m seeing the affects of a lack of midwives in Saskatoon,” Cochrane said.Like many women at the march, Cochrane echoes the belief that midwives should be a right, not a privilege.“I think that every mom who wants that experience deserves that experience,” Cochrane said.According to the Ontario Ministry of Health, there is a cost savings associated with midwives. For each midwife in attendance at hospital births, $800 is saved and $1,800 for home births.One midwife can save the healthcare system $160,000 each year.The Canadian Association of Midwives attributes a decrease in hospital time and re-admittance post-partum to the use of midwives.Buller-Kormos says she’s reached out to multiple party’s running in the provincial election and hopes it can become an important issue.“We emailed the Green Party and got a response from them in 24 hours. We emailed the NDP Party and we got a response from them in two weeks.  We still have not received a response from Sask Party. My hope through this is we can get more funding,” Buller-Kormos said.

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