Mothers across Saskatchewan take part in “March for Midwives”


REGINA – Across the province mothers marched for midwives, including at the front steps of the legislature building.Parents took part in the walk to raise awareness about what they say is a lack in child birthing services.There are currently only four midwives within the Regina Qu’Appelle Health region.“When I was pregnant, I really wanted a midwife, and I couldn’t get one. There was none available”, mother Rindi Fong said. Story continues below

Fong’s story is all too familiar. Mothers requesting midwifery services are put on a waitlist. According to Regina Health Region in 2015, only 54 percent of women on the provincial midwifery wait list were able to access those services. That meant almost half weren’t able to get the support they requested. “The more I talk to women, the more I heard about traumatizing stories in the birth room. And I believe that no women should be traumatized in the birth room”.“It’s something that so many women go through in their life, is having children, and nobody should have to have that trauma”, Doula Kiera Edge said. In Saskatoon, Samantha Buller Kormos joined dozens of other men and women in a simultaneous rally. She was able to have a home birth with a midwife, and wants other mothers to have that same experience.“They are very patient centred. In my experience, everytime I went to my appointment I probably took an hour of my midwives time. They don’t rush you. I felt they were very thorough with their education”, organizer Buller Kormos said. In the province, registered midwives are currently employed in only three of 13 regional health authorities.Follow @christadao