Public inquiry begins into death of 42 year-old Holdfast man, killed by RCMP


REGINA – The death of 42 year-old Gerald Lord has been shrouded in secrecy since police shot and killed him inside his Holdfast, SK home in 2013.Global News was the first to tell his family’s story as they struggled to come to terms with Lord’s death at the hands of the RCMP.An inquest began Monday revealing new details of what occurred on night of September 11, 2013.Due to a publication ban, the officer can only be identified as Constable Eric.He was the first to testify, detailing the series of events. Story continues below

READ MORE: Two years later: Questions remain after Sask. man shot, killed by RCMPCst. Eric testified that a call was received directly by the Craik RCMP station from Lord’s friend Harry Fisher, claiming repeated, threatening messages from Lord.The RCMP member said he went to Fisher’s residence to get a full account, and witnessed a series of communications that lead him to decide to arrest Lord.A voicemail from Lord sent to Fisher was played in court. Lord could be heard using profane language while bringing up a spat in the men’s friendship that went back six years.

Testimony from Constable Eric

Upon arriving at Lord’s residence by himself, Cst. Eric said  Lord was unresponsive to his greetings.“I asked how are you doing.” said Cst. Eric.“He just had a blank stare.”He said he told Lord he was under arrest, but according to Cst. Eric, Lord refused, tried to shut the door and a physical altercation followed.Cst. Eric, who was 5’11, 165 pounds and very fit, described Lord as 250 pounds and significantly taller than him. He said at one point Lord was choking him with both hands.The court heard the officer attempted to taser Lord twice unsuccessfully, before shooting him twice to relieve Lord’s grip, and then again in the head.“I feared for my life,” – Constable EricLater testimony from an RCMP blood splatter expert said Lord had four gunshot wounds and the presiding coroner testified four bullet casings were found.The Lord family were not present in court.Six jurors have been chosen  to potentially provide recommendations on how to avoid a similar death in the future. The inquiry is scheduled to go until March 11th.Follow @BrandonGonez