Ontario Progressive Conservatives unveil new logo under new leader Patrick Brown


TORONTO – Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives have unveiled a new party logo as part of their rebranding exercise under new leader Patrick Brown.The new logo merges a red P and a blue C with a green leaf joining the two letters.A video posted to the party’s YouTube page says the logo “delivers a message of strength, renewal and growth” from a party that is “here to be seen, to be heard, and to lead.”More than 1,600 delegates at a PC convention in Ottawa are also being told about the party’s new consultation of members to develop their platform for the 2018 Ontario election.Brown promised the delegates their views would count in the platform development, and said he was open to all ideas that would make Ontario stronger.The Tories also announced they would open nominations for the next election in January 2017, about 18 months ahead of voting day.The Progressive Conservatives say they have grown to just under 80,000 members, and Brown said he wants to raise that to at least 100,000 members before the election.

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