Springing ahead: how to get back that missing hour of shuteye


Touring his customers around his Calgary showroom, Tyler Gregory also enjoys making one point clear: “I’m a ‘beducator’, not a salesman,” he tells them. “So I like to give you what we call a ‘beducation’.”“Beducator” is a catchy nickname for the staff at the Mattress Mattress stores, places where there’s a lot of talk about a timely topic this week.Next weekend brings the time to ‘spring ahead’ into Daylight Savings Time, which means we lose an hour of sleep.With that in mind, Gregory and people visiting his store are now trading tips on how to get a good night’s sleep.“Don’t eat, at least an hour before bed,” Gregory said. “And take a hot shower before you sleep. It relaxes your muscles, drops your heart rate down a little bit.”Customer Wyatt Husli swears by a warm cup of milk. “It’s a stereotype, but it works great,” said Husli.


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