‘Bite marks on her hands, bruises all over her arms’: Victim’s family speaks in Stand Off manslaughter case


LETHBRIDGE – The man charged in the death of a 24-year-old Blood Tribe woman had his first court appearance Monday in Cardston.Allen Day Rider is charged with manslaughter in the death of Brittaney Medicine Crane in May 21, 2015.The victim’s family said Medicine Crane’s body was found in her the home she shared with Day Rider on the reserve in Stand Off. Story continues below

READ MORE: Man arrested in connection with woman’s body found in Stand Off in 2015“The house that she was in, there was blood everywhere,” her mother, Dorothy Medicine Crane said.“It was like she was trying to get out and there was blood everywhere.”The victim’s family said the couple was dating for three years before Medicine Crane’s death.Dorothy explained there were warning signs of physical abuse, and she spoke to her daughter several times about leaving Day Rider, but she kept going back to him.“Every time I’d see her…she’d either have bite marks on her hands, bruises all over her arms, scratches. She was abused on a daily basis,” she testified.The two had a child, who is now two years old.When Medicine Crane was found dead last May, Dorothy took her granddaughter in. However, she said Day Rider fought to have full custody, and the child was in his care until he was arrested on Friday.Dorothy plans to fight to become the child’s legal guardian now that Day Rider has been charged.The family also voiced their concerns with the charges against the accused. They believe they should be harsher than manslaughter.

Man arrested in connection with woman’s body found in Stand Off in 2015

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It’s been 10 months since her daughter’s death, but the wound is still very fresh for Dorthy.“I’m never going to see her again. I’m never going to see her wedding. I’m never going to see if she’s ever going to have any more grandkids,” she said.She explained the only thing that brings her peace is knowing her daughter is no longer in pain.“She’s not suffering. She’s resting in peace now.”In Day Rider’s first appearance on Monday, the judge said he wanted to give him a chance to speak with legal counsel before moving forward. He will appear back in Cardston court on March 14.

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