Kelowna high-tech company hiring


KELOWNA — A high-tech company says its home will be Kelowna and that it is hiring.The company is called Cradlepoint.In 2000, it bought a company called Pertino for $100 million. One of Pertino’s subsidiaries was a company called Packeteer which built a research and development center in Kelowna and employed 40 people. Packeteer was sold in 2008.Cradlepoint says it’s bringing its business back to Kelowna.“Our history of building a world-class development organization in Kelowna has brought us back to town,” says Craig Elliott, CEO and founder of Pertino and now SVP of corporate development at Cradlepoint. “We’ve already hired five developers in Kelowna and are posting ten additional jobs to be filled as soon as possible. We’re also evaluating office space and hope to make decisions soon about that expansion as well. Cradlepoint wants to invest in Kelowna.”