‘SNL’ mocks Donald Trump with ‘Racists for Trump’ campaign ad


Not long after racking up more delegates with wins in Kentucky and Louisiana on Saturday, Donald Trump was getting more support from a specific demographic of Americans. Story continues below

Saturday Night Live was back from a mini-hiatus and returned true to form with a parody ad featuring “Racists for Trump.”  The video was the latest political skewering of the Republican front-runner, who less than a week ago received a controversial endorsement from former KKK leader Donald Duke.READ MORE: Bernie Sanders joins impersonator Larry David on Saturday Night LiveThe segment starts off as a harmless campaign spot with “real Americans” singing the business mogul’s praises. But then we start to see signs that these Trump supporters might have a different, more racist agenda.The political skewering of Trump comes as a bit of a 180 from SNL who invited the controversial candidate to host the show back in November.Watch the video above.

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