Apple Announces Launch Of Health-Related Software Tools For Smartphone

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Making their way further into health care, tech giant Apple announces the release of new iPhone apps that can be used by patients to manage their medical conditions, ranging from diabetes, pregnancy and even depression.

While the market is already flooded with hundreds of health-related apps, Apple feel the need to leave their mark on a new ecosystem of treatment programs. Taking a different approach than the standard app development method, Apple instead developed a set of software tools and templates known as CareKit that can be utilized by healthcare groups and health-tech startups on their own programs.

The tech company intended to assist developers in building intuitive apps for patients to conduct tasks like recording symptoms, acquire vital information, track their health progress and also delivering reports to a doctor. The CareKit initiative could play a huge role according to experts, in creating a new level of standard to a relatively recent and unregulated industry while at the same time securing Apple’s foothold in the increasingly popular health-tech market.

CareKit apps going to be released on the AppStore this week includes One Drop for diabetics, Start for patients on anti-depression drugs treatment and two apps from the new startup Glow that caters for pregnant woman or those taking care of newborns. There are also CareKit apps currently developed by large organizations, including the University of Rochester and Texas Medical Center.for people suffering from Parkinson’s and those who had heart or lung surgeries.