The next Windows 10 update is all about Cortana


Microsoft is serving up a fresh Windows 10 Insider Preview build and thankfully, this one actually has a bit of extra meat on the bones instead of the skimpy releases we’ve received in the past.

There are a couple new features in this release including that Cortana can now remember things for you, an updated logon experience and additional language support for Cortana. Aul said in today’s blog post that the team works to provide a custom experience that is relevant to each language and market.
Cortana in More Languages: “With this build, we are enabling Cortana for the Spanish (Mexico), Portuguese (Brazil) or French (Canada) languages!” “And in Mexico, we added local flavor to reflect the accent and language of the country”. The new reminders features works exactly like you would expect; by saying “remind me to [insert task]”, Cortana will remind you to compelete this action at a later time. “You have the option to set specific details like location, time, and people at a later time so that Cortana will surface it when its most relevant”. In Build 14279, you can simply say something like “Remind me to visit MSPU” to create a reminder – this means, you don’t have to specify the time, person or place. Microsoft also promises that in future builds, Cortana will be able to retrieve these upon request, “just like a real personal assistant would”.
We fixed an issue where Microsoft Edge and Cortana were crashing for users with roaming profiles.
An issue where downloading certain drivers from Windows Update was causing some PCs to bluescreen. The screens will now have the same background, but the tech giant has also made it abundantly clear that it is working on making the transition between lock and logon screens smoother. The change isn’t monumental, but allows the user to have the same custom background in both instances. With the latest builds, the company is delivering some nice new features, too.
Microsoft has also simplified the logon experience with Build 14279. The company also shared that all firmware updates for Lumia devices will now be automatically published for Windows Insiders.
Soon, the Lumia 650 will hit the stores all over the world, being a low cost phone that will run on Windows 10 and if the rumors will prove to be correct, in the near future we’ll see the first Surface Phone device, a flagship that will have the same industrial design from the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book.
We are continuing to track several issues reported by Insiders where some PCs will freeze or bluescreen when resuming from hibernation.
There’s also a known bug related to Kaspersky Anti-Virus, Internet Security, or the Kaspersky Total Security Suite.