My Keto Coach Launches The Only Ketogenic Diet Plan That Is Customized To Your Body Weight


The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet that was originally devised to treat epilepsy, before being discovered to help with metabolic conditions as well. Now, this diet has also been found to be helpful in fitness and athletic endeavour. The difficulty with a typical ketogenic diet is that it takes careful balancing to work effectively for weight loss and health. Raj Patel is a leading ketogenic diet coach in the US, and his website is offering the only ketogenic diet plan that is customized to each client’s body weight making a custom diet plan every time.

His ketogenic diet meal plan ensures individuals get the right approach to their nutrition that will enable them to meet the goals they have set for themselves, whether it be fitness, weight loss or simply having superior energy and overall health.

As well as a customized plan, Raj Patel will personally coach individuals through the first two weeks of their transition to a ketosis diet menu, in order to help ensure they are managing the process effectively, maximizing their chances of success.

A spokesperson for My Keto Coach explained, “The keto diet has become more popular than ever in the last five years, but with that popularity comes an element of risk that comes with managing the type of nutrients used to create the effects of the diet without unwanted side effects. Raj has created a book to help guide people in the fundamentals, but is now also offering a meal plans that will suit people’s tastes as well as their objectives, and comes with two weeks of coaching from Raj himself to ensure a successful transition to their new metabolism.”

About My Keto Coach: My Keto Coach is the online presence of Raj Patel. Raj Patel is one of the leading keto coaches in North America. After helping over 300 clients transition into a ketogenic lifestyle with this personal coaching, and launching his own ketogenic diet plan, he has been able to inspire people from all ages and health conditions to turn around their lives following his simple to follow, customized keto diet plan and personal keto coaching.

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