Calgary woman trying to find owner of dog which attacked her pet


CALGARY – A Calgary woman said she was walking her dog on a leash Friday night, when her pet was bitten by another dog off-leash.Tracy Mesh is trying to find the owner of the dog which attacked her pet and the case has since been turned over to animal bylaw.Mesh said she was walking her dog Ozzie on a leash through a playground on 45th Street and 10th Avenue, when another dog that was running free came towards them. Story continues below

“So Ozzie approached him and he was approaching him and then it was just some growling and the other dog latched on to Ozzie’s shoulder and latched onto that one spot and wouldn’t let go,” Mesh said. “Then the owner approached and tried to tear them or separate them apart, to no avail, eventually the dog did let go.”Ozzie is recovering from scratch and bite wounds on its side, which she said was caused by the other dog. Mesh now has to give doses of medicine to her 3-year-old dog.“They gave him antibiotics to take at home, they gave him pain meds,” Mesh said.Mesh didn’t notice any injuries at first, but said she later found bleeding and took her dog to a 24-hour veterinary hospital.“It didn’t need stitches but she has to watch for infection,” Mesh said.In all the excitement she didn’t get the other owner’s name but has now reported the incident to animal bylaw services.“He was very apologetic and said it had never happened before. I’m not blaming him or anything but I just want him to know my dog was hurt and I don’t want it to happen to another dog. I don’t want it to happen to a child,” Mesh said.A bylaw officer stopped by Mesh’s home Saturday to have her fill out a report and take a statement.