Deadly Storms and Tornadoes Kills Two in Oklahoma

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Two people were killed in Oklahoma when tornadoes passed through the Plains on Monday. Emergency Manager Bud Ramming confirmed one death in Garvin County. Several homes and barns were destroyed by the violent storm. He added “We’re currently working on clearing debris from the roads so we can get by.” At Johnston County, Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Stacey Pulley confirmed one death. Emergency Manager Jason Bryant stated that there are some injured and homes destroyed.

Keli Cain, public information officer of the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management, states the first report of a tornado was at Garvin County at 4 p.m.. She indicated reports of tornadoes in the Johnston and Pottawatomie counties and the state has deployed search and rescue teams. “It could definitely be a long night for storms. We don’t know when they are expected to weaken.”

The storm was so violent that forecasters had to declared a “tornado emergency” for communities in the twister’s path and said “You are in life-threatening situation.”

Wind speeds of twisters could be above 111 mph from eastern Oklahoma to central Arkansas. Hail could be two inches or more in diameter from eastern Texas to southeastern Kansas. Tornadoes up to a mile wide was reported by storm chasers.

A new tornado watch warning has been issued Monday night for Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas.