Home-made, wind-powered machines take off at The Forks


WINNIPEG – The first ever Winter Wind Derby was centre stage at The Forks on Saturday.The competition pitted teams against each other who were vying to create the best wind-powered, personal propulsion devices.No motors or engines were allowed on the contraptions which had to be built by the competitors and not purchased in a store.The event was originally supposed to be held in Saturday morning, but the start time got pushed back so to take advantage of optimal wind conditions.“We were hoping to do it earlier in the day but the wind just came out perfectly and we decided to postpone it so here we are in the afternoon. We’ve been watching the wind really intently and this is the last event on the Red River Mutual Trail for the season and we couldn’t have ended it in a better way,” said Kristin Pauls, marketing and communications coordinator at The Forks.This weekend is also the last time you’ll be able to go for a skate on the river trial.It closes for the year on Sunday night.

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