​Omaha Probate Lawyer Aims To Educate Public On Common Probate Mistakes

Press Release

Omaha Probate Attorney, Brad Boyum, of Boyum Law, releases new site offering important information and resources for families dealing with probate after the loss of a family member.

See the website here: Omaha Probate Lawyer,

Brad Boyum aims to help families at a difficult time in their lives when many need support and expert guidance. Costly probate mistakes can cost the estate thousands of dollars in unnecessary taxes and fees.

Working with an experienced probate lawyer helps families save money, avoid mistakes and gain peace of mind during a difficult time.

“We believe you shouldn’t lose what it took a lifetime to build when you pass it on to the next generation”, says Boyum.

Now families in need of assistance with probate, estate planning, or Medicaid spend down in Omaha have a new resource for reliable information about the probate process and protecting family assets.

The new probate and estate planning website was created to inform the public on what to do and what to avoid when affected by a probate case. Many times when families are looking for a probate lawyer or estate planning, questions and confusion can cloud the probate case. Boyum’s goal is to provide the answers and tools families need to help find clarity and peace of mind throughout the probate process.

Families who wish to avoid probate court and protect the family assets can get guidance through strategic estate planning, creation of wills, trusts and custom asset protection strategies based on individual need.

Boyum Law plans to continuously add new resources to provide comprehensive material and interviews with experts to provide families with the best information about probate, estate planning, and elder law in Omaha, Nebraska.

About Boyum Law

Brad Boyum is a top state-licensed probate attorney in Omaha, Nebraska with years of mentoring, legal education and experience. Boyum Law understands how to advise and assist families when going through a probate case. For more information about probate laws and what to expect when a loved one dies, visit Boyum Law at http://www.boyumlaw.com.