Accurate Plumbing Ltd Launches New Website Design

Press Release

Accurate Plumbing Ltd is pleased to announce the launch of their new website design. The information on the website is a description of the ways in which the company is able to provide services to area residents. The professionals have the expertise to ensure that each project is done in a cost effective and timely manner. The team offers service to commercial establishments, as well as residential projects. They bring the latest equipment and a fully qualified team of professionals to complete each project, regardless of size.

A sizeable range of services are available to area residents across Auckland. Complete bathroom or kitchen installations are available. New building projects or renovations are completed equally efficiently and affordably. Homeowners who want to renovate areas of the home can find assistance from the plumbers. Leaks are another issue which can be resolved, regardless of where they are located. Leaking taps, leaking pipes, leaking or burst water mains and leaking appliances are areas that need to be corrected quickly to avoid further damage to the house or business structure.

Plumbing services include dealing with blocked or sluggish waste pipes, as well as noisy pipes. Repairs on drainage systems, fixing blocked toilets or overflowing hot water cylinders. When there is low water pressure, the plumbing team can help. They can also relocate hot water cylinders.

Accurate Plumbing Ltd is able to ensure that gas fittings are done safely and efficiently. When gas projects are involved, a certified gas fitter will respond as soon as possible. This service affects energy efficiency as well as safety. New Zealand requires that gas appliances be certified when they are installed. Gas hot water heating units provide safe and economical hot water for households. Other gas appliances include heaters. When there is a gas leak, prompt response from the professionals provides a resolution to the problem.