Addiction Recovery Centre Launches Full-Scale Family Support Mission

Press Release

Addiction Recovery Centre, a leading UK drug and alcohol rehab and detox program, has recently announced the launch of their new full-scale mission to support families of people who are battling drug and alcohol addictions. Through various means such as videos and seminars, the mission aims to provide true support to families during difficult time in their lives.

Graham Foster, the Director of Addiction Recovery Centre, stated “Addiction can be a difficult road to travel, but it’s important for people to understand that it isn’t just the person addicted to drugs or alcohol that suffers. Often, the addict’s closest friends and family members are not only hurting emotionally, but they also feel as if they don’t know what to do to help their loved one overcome their addition. This is why we are so passionate about developing and launching this new family support mission. This will be ARC’s full-scale effort to provide real support for those who want to see their loved ones get well.”

Over the next 12 months, the team at Addiction Recovery Centre will be developing programs to truly support parents, partners, adult children, and siblings of alcohol or drug addicts. This support mission will include video series, in-house day seminars, worksheets, phone support, and more. The new support material is being uniquely created separately for each market segment. In order to accomplish this goal, ARC is asking for help from those with loved ones who are battling addictions. Their team invites people to log on to to help them with Stage 1 of the support program development process, which is a major fact-finding mission. Those who do so will be able to share their invaluable opinions, thoughts, and experiences and directly shape the support being put together this year.

As Foster goes on to say, “Whether someone is a brother to a heroin addict, the girlfriend of an alcoholic, or the mother of a cannabis user, we want them to have real first-hand support that is tailor-made specifically for them. We are excited to develop and launch this support program as we continue to work toward helping people find hope, meaning, and purpose.”

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