Agent 99 Voice Talent’s Political Voice Over Services Is Now Available Online

Press Release

Agent 99 Voice Talent today announced that customers looking for Political Voice over Talent are now able to review demos and get instant voice over project quotes at

The Political Voice over Talent release marks Agent 99 Voice Talent’s tenth release in their product line. Everyone within the business was excited when the product launched, especially since those within Agent 99 feel that “This is an amazing service for political advertising to properly convey the message with power and conviction.”

Ellen Quinn, Owner / Founder at Agent 99 Voice Talent, when asked about Political Voice over Talent said:

“Trusted by clients all over the world, we are the number one choice for political voice talent and we provide free quick demos with any provided script”

Consumers and Managers active in the Voice Over Talent market will be interested to know that this updated Political Voice Over Talent service is offered with Casting Directors in mind.

For example, services feature “Professionally trained, qualified talent complete with pro studios and ISDN, Source Connect, Skype or phone patch.”. Ellen Quinn said “This was important because because the objective is to win. and to do that, the message must be delivered with a compelling, convincing voice. This will be great news for directors because it’s important to have the absolute most powerful, persuasive voice to convey the message.”

The Political Voice Over Talent services will also provide free demos using any provided script. This was included because it allows customer to see and more importantly, hear the quality of the talent before committing. Consumers and casting directors should be pleased with this since It will provide the highest likelihood of success for the campaign.

One final piece of information being released, states that the new Political Voice Over services will also have 24 hour average turn around time – Quinn and crew decided this was critical to the final service release because It dramatically improves the chances of a successful finished voice over project. Customers should enjoy this particularly, as Agent 99 voices can lend authenticity to the cause, and credence to the candidacy.

Those interested in learning more about the business can do so on the business website at

Those interested in purchasing can go directly to the product listing, here: