Aguadilla Puerto Rico Photographer Launches Family Portrait Photography Services

Press Release

The prominent photographer Allison Burn announced the launch of Island Photography PR, a destination photography service, located in the west coast of Puerto Rico, providing premier destination family portraits and memorable vacation photoshoot experiences.

More information is available at

The newly launched Island Photography PR is a premier one-stop-shop solution able to offer a wide range of professional destination photography services for any clientele, occasion or needs in Aguadilla, Isabella, and Rincon, Puerto Rico.

The destination photography agency, led by professional photographer Allison Burn, specializes in family portrait services tailored to deliver not only memorable images but also a fun holiday photo-shoot experience for the entire family. The destination portrait sessions are typically shot with natural light but a home/transportable studio is always at hand, if needed.

All photo session packages include digital downloads of processed images along with canvas, metal and acrylic prints in different sizes. A photo book to keep all the images and memories of the photo-shoot organized in one place can also be provided as part of the agency’s full-service portrait packages.

Island Photography PR is led by professional, dedicated and self-professed ‘do-everything’ photographer, Allison Burn, originally from Atlanta, Georgia and currently residing in Puerto Rico, with extensive experience in landscape, real estate and portrait photography.

Multiple examples of Allison Burn’s work, including extensive landscape, portrait and real estate photography portfolios are available on the website link provided above along with additional information on the photographer’s background and the Island Photography PR services or packages.

The photographer, Allison Burn, reveals that “while travelling, I realized my obsession for photography and capturing beautiful moments, whether it be the view from the edge of the world, the love between a family, or simply showcasing the best of a beautiful space. My keen eye for detail is shown in the love and attention I give each photograph”.

She adds that “my job and my passion is to provide inspiring images captured from around the world and preserve priceless memories for eternity. I cater to all different occasions or clientele and, to me, it is truly an honor to be welcomed into your life and provide you with this service”.