America West Homes Introduces New Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Method

Press Release

America West Homes, a premier St. Louis cabinet refinishing contractor, has introduced a new and innovative cabinet refinishing method to the market. The method is based on a proprietary 4-step process that is performed off-site in a specialized shop rather than in the home. The method allows for more safety, greater attention to detail, like new factory finish, a broader range of color options, as well as other perks that are available to the homeowner.

“Choosing cabinet refinishing instead of replacement is a great way to save money, but homeowners often dislike the fact that many companies aren’t really able to provide the quality and variety of style that they’re looking for,” said Larry Mintz, the owner of America West Homes. “Our unique cabinet refinishing method solves those problems for the homeowner. This is because our technicians actually detach the cabinet doors and take them to another location to refinish them. There, the technician is able to create a high-tech auto craft finish in just about any color the homeowner so desires.” In addition, most kitchens refinished my America West only take 4 to 7 days to complete vs over priced new cabinets that often take 4 to 7 weeks or more.

The unique 4-step process that America West Cabinet Refinishing uses starts with a light sanding and the application of a heavy-duty primer that will protect the cabinet door and ensure the longevity of the refinishing work. Then, a full-color coat is sprayed onto the cabinet door. Performing this process off site allows the technician to create a high-quality finish on any type of surface with no visible lint or brush marks and without any worries about the homeowner having to inhale harmful paint fumes. To complete the process, the durable, water-based color coats are further protected with a final clear coat.

As Mintz goes on to say, “The process of getting a fresh, new look for a kitchen doesn’t have to be expensive or overwhelming. With our proprietary refinishing method, homeowners can now have the kitchen of their dreams, choosing from colors and finishes that suit their styles and tastes without breaking their budgets.”

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