Amish Fiction Kindle Books Released By Best Selling Clean Romance Novels Author

Press Release

The best-selling Amish romance & clean fiction author Sandra Becker has announced the release of a new Amish clean romance novel for readers seeking clean romance stories, entitled ‘Amish Siblings’.

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Sandra Becker is a prominent best-selling clean romance and fiction author with more than 20 popular Amish romance novels published on Amazon Kindle. The author has recently announced the release of her latest Amish clean fiction novel, ‘Amish Siblings’.

The author’s stories, with the Amish community, its simple country life and strong family values as a recurring background, focus on the portrayal of Amish women who resort to their faith in God and family support to get out of difficult situations.

The author’s newly released novel, ‘Amish Siblings’, focuses on one Amish family and the stories of the four Graber siblings, ‘The Amish Chef’, ‘The Amish Carpenter’, ‘The Amish Teacher’ and ‘The Bishop’s Daughter’, discovering or pursuing their dreams and finding love.

In the ‘The Amish Chef’, readers follow Sarah and her dilemma between the love of her life and her passion for cooking. ‘The Amish Carpenter’ tells the tale of John, torn between pursuing his dreams of becoming a carpenter and obligation towards his father and family farm while finding love and not sure if he can safely have children with Miriam.

The story of the eldest Graber sibling, Martha, finding hope and love with Jacob while facing disapproval due to their age difference is told in ‘The Amish Teacher’ and ‘The Bishop’s Daughter’ follows Rebecca, who has been promised to Roy Yoder but is not happy with match and has her heart set on Paul, a young widower with three children.

As a self-professed reader and fan of the increasingly popular Amish Romance genre, a leading favorite for readers seeking clean romance, Sandra Becker’s novels feature no intimate scenes and the relationship between the hero and heroine is chaste.

Sandra Becker also explains that “there are a growing number of readers who are on the lookout for sweet clean romance stories, and Amish Romance with its family-oriented theme fits the bill perfectly”.

The author’s latest release ‘Amish Siblings’ and her 20+ Amish romance titles published on Amazon Kindle, including the popular ‘Amish Romance: God Has a Plan For You’, ‘Amish Romance: Let Go and Let God’, ‘Amish Romance: A Second Chance’, Amish Sweethearts’, ‘Amish Fiction: The Wildflower Blooms’, and more, along with multiple 5-star reader ratings and reviews are available at the website link provided above.