As Weather Warms, Phoenix Irrigation Services Notes Effective Ways to Save Water

Press Release

Phoenix Irrigation Services, one of the Valley of the Sun’s leading full-service sprinkler and drip-system specialists, launched a new public awareness campaign. With the long-term viability of water supplies always being a major concern in the Phoenix area, efficient yard irrigation should be regarded as a top priority. The new Phoenix Irrigation Services initiative will spread awareness as to how regular Irrigation System Maintenance and the upgrading of older equipment can help residents achieve this goal. The Phoenix Irrigation Services website at has a wealth of information about these and related subjects, and those with questions are invited to contact company representatives.

“It’s no secret that water conservation is a top priority for all of us here in the Phoenix area,” a Phoenix Irrigation Services representative said, “The fact is, though, that it is possible to maintain a green, welcoming yard without wasting water. Our new public awareness campaign will help more people learn how a simple maintenance visit, Drip System Replacement or other straightforward effort can make a big difference. As the weather grows even warmer, we hope that people throughout the area will learn a lot from this new campaign.”

The federal Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the average American household consumes around 320 gallons of fresh water each day, with about a third of that being devoted to outdoor uses like the watering of lawns, shrubs, and other such features. While approaches like xeriscaping and the use of gray water for irrigation help keep the latter total lower among Phoenix residents, that fact alone is not enough to compensate for the fundamental challenges the metropolitan area faces regarding water supplies.

The new Phoenix Irrigation Services campaign will help spread awareness as to concrete, effective measures that people throughout the region can take to lessen their own household use of water for lawn care and similar purposes. As informative articles now in place at the Phoenix Irrigation Services website detail, simply having a water-efficient drip irrigation system installed can provide major benefits, with some systems helping grass and other plants absorb and utilize 90% of the water they provide.

Likewise can regular maintenance of existing systems greatly boost efficiency by revealing and addressing leaks and other issues that would otherwise waste water. As one of the region’s leading companies of its kind, Phoenix Irrigation Services regularly helps clients in Phoenix and surrounding areas save water while enjoying even greener, healthier lawns and landscaping. The company’s new public awareness campaign will continue for several months, with questions and comments from all being welcomed.

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