Astech Ireland Celebrate Their 25th Year in Business

Press Release

Serving industry since 1991, Astech Ireland has steadily grown to become a trusted supplier to major pharmaceutical and high-tech manufacturers. The have established themselves as a supplier of laboratory equipment, consumables, general laboratory supplies (, process equipment and monitoring instrumentation. With strong industrial connections, professional customer service and commitment to quality, Astech Ireland expand their product line from a core product line of TOC (total organic carbon) Analysers to a broad range of instruments and consumables.

To support a broader industry spectrum, Astech Ireland had created a user friendly online store. Their current scope of supply includes, sterilisation products, general laboratory equipment (, weighing equipment (balances and scales for laboratory and process use), autoclaves of various sizes, laboratory centrifuges, stirrers, circulators, chillers, coolers, water baths, aseptic filling lines, cleanroom monitoring and disinfection products and a large selection of consumables. Attesting to their commitment to quality, they work closely with world class manufacturers such as Nalgene, Fedegari, Lighthouse, Labogene, Flexicon, Velp, Centurion, PolyScience, Crosstex (NAMSA), Thermo Scientific, Kern, MarCor Purification, and Carl Roth among others.

Their stringent quality management system in supply, commissioning, service, installation and qualification of laboratory & process instruments and supplies earns them ISO 9001:2008 accreditation certified by NQA. To ensure that the systems in place are suitable and up to date to continuously improve their service standard, Astech Ireland’s dedicated quality department regularly carry out reviews. This allows them to maintain their work and service standard at all time and build their reputation as a respectable supplier in the industry.

“We are proud to be in our 25th year of business.” says Ronan Banerjee, Astech Managing Director, he added, “Astech always has been, and will continue to be a customer focused organisation and with that in mind we want to acknowledge our customers contribution to our success through a series of special offers and promotions that will take place throughout the year. Keep an eye on our website! We always look for ways to serve our customers better and faster.”

About Astech Ireland: a leading supplier of laboratory & process solutions, with 25 years of experience and strong online presence, they have a broad and strong industrial reach. For further information, please email  or call their office, located in Bray, Co Wicklow, Ireland on 0404 25070. Detailed information is available on