Aussie Biz Goes Left Field With a New Google Platform to Offer 360 Virtual Tours

Press Release

Breaking News – New Google Street View Trusted photographer now offering small business a 360 degree virtual tour that will show off their best features to engage and convert customers before they get to the website. How Clever! With this new Google platform and the right angles that only a keen lensman can do, local business can now butter up customers with some tasty visuals before they’ve even ordered from the menu… Saucy!

A new 360 virtual tour company is helping local businesses find a tangible point of difference in their efforts to stand out from the competition and get found online – before customers reach their website. This is all due to the newly released Google Street View ’Trusted’.

“Google Street View ’Trusted’ helps businesses make a bigger impact and ultimately attract more customers” says Trevor Roy, Director “and it does this by helping businesses engage with, and get a feel for a business by being able to have a look around before they reach out and make contact. And when they do, you know there is a hot buyer on the end of the phone”.

With this ground breaking new service, wedding venues, holiday accommodation, universities, restaurants and any business that has customers that come from interstate or overseas, can give their prospects a ’concierge’ style tour of their business showing off their best assets as if the customer was there, in order to help them in their decision making process. Just ask Big Kart Track Owner – Ferre De Deyne, an avid online marketer for his Go-Kart business. Ferre says “Once Trevor showed me what a Google virtual tour could do, I jumped on board staright away – any business not doing this is losing out!”

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