Bankruptcy Attorney Ontario Opens New Location For Clients

Press Release

Ontario, California – Bankruptcy Attorney Ontario, an experienced bankruptcy law firm with extensive knowledge of the difficult and unforeseen obstacles that are common with bankruptcy, this week announced they are opening a new location in Ontario, California for widespread accessibility and easier contact for current and future clients. Founded by a team of top lawyers with decades of combined legal bankruptcy knowledge and experience, Bankruptcy Attorney Ontario is the go-to support network for anyone in the community faced with the option of filing bankruptcy.

Unfortunately, since bankruptcy has developed such a negative view over the years, many individuals avoid filing it or seeking out help when it begins to envelop their lives,” said Neil Hedtke, Founder and Owner of Bankruptcy Attorney Ontario. “The truth is, bankruptcy is actually a calculated, wise move on many individual’s part when they’re staring down insurmountable debt and harassing creditors. We’re ready to provide the free legal counsel and actionable information for every person that could use them, when navigating the process of bankruptcy.”

In business to help the people of Ontario, California, understand and identify their legal rights and options in a bankruptcy scenario, Bankruptcy Attorney Ontario’s number one priority is presenting all of the lawful civil liberties at individual’s disposal when making sound selections that are best for them at the end of the day. The Law firm can now serve locally throughout the City of Ontario, California, will have immediate access to a Free Legal meeting or sessions with all the questions and concerns answered directly with experienced licensed Attorneys. Looking for a bankruptcy attorney near you, have never been easier.

Equipped to help clients through Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, Bankruptcy Attorney Ontario can identify, remediate, and guide any client’s case through the most difficult cases common today.

“Our versatility as a law firm enables us to process and work any person through specific bankruptcy cases,” said Neil Hedtke. “There isn’t a bankruptcy scenario we haven’t seen and successfully carried a client through. Whether it’s full-out Chapter 7, or calculated Chapter 13, we tailor our approach to specific one-on-on communication for individualized and ensured success.”

When filing Chapter 7, most financial responsibilities can be completed wiped from the filer’s table. The filer can, however, continue to own their home and vehicle. With Chapter 13, individuals can establish compromising back payments on their residence without requiring a financial institution’s approval.

“One thing remains constant: do not ever respond to a Notice of Default without consulting our legal experts,” said Neil Hedtke. “Thousands of dollars of damaging legal boundaries can be enacted in an instant without our proper counsel. We are incredibly excited to announce we’re opening a new Ontario location for greater accessibility to our clients, and are encouraging everyone to spread the word on our services for bettering the surrounding communities of greater Ontario.”

Bankruptcy can promptly stop home foreclosures, stop creditors from consistent harassment, discharge most debt, supply long-term remedies, and provide the filer a chance at a fresh start.

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