Best 2016 Political Election Internet Marketing Campaign Strategy Guide Launched

Press Release

Barak Obama was the first President to understand and use the power of the Internet in an election campaign. As a little-known candidate, he used email marketing and social media to build a grass roots support base and raise funds, before the other candidates even knew what was happening. To this day, President Obama still uses social media to get his messages out.

“It’s 2016 and most politicians are not using the Internet to its fullest potential. Many are still stuck using “Old School” tactics to get elected or re-elected,” says Los Angeles based Internet Political Marketing Strategist Cynthia M. Alexander. “Any hopeful local politician today who does not use the Internet as an integral part of their campaign strategy may as well kiss their election good-bye,” adds Alexander.

Alexander offers 3 tips to politicians hoping to win their upcoming local elections on how to best use the Internet.

1) Facebook has massive data on the voter base. They are the great “data collector” and have more information than one would imagine on constituents, and Facebook allows targeting ads specifically to them.

2) Amazon, Walmart and many of the largest companies follow people around the Internet who have visited their website. Everyone can do this same thing now. This strategy is so critical to branding, since whoever has the greatest name recognition ultimately gets the majority of the votes.

3) Robocalling is a necessary evil, but there is a high-tech way to do it where no one is interrupted by a ringing phone. High-tech ringless political robocalls bypass ringing the phone altogether and delivers a campaign message straight to voicemail, so people can listen to it at their leisure.

Ms. Alexander says no local politician should suffer a defeat just because they overlooked the power of the Internet and the cutting-edge digital technologies that are available today.

Those interested in getting more information about using the Internet to win local political elections can do so in Cynthia’s new “2016 Political Election Internet Marketing Campaign Strategy Guide.” It is available for free via immediate download at