Bio-Pave Products Exhibits At Green California Summit In Sacramento As Only “Green” Paving Solution

Press Release

The state of California has a mandated Climate Action Plan (CAP) which includes reducing C02 emissions and lowering the carbon footprint, starting in 2017. Bio-Pave Products, LLC has an asphalt preservation product called RePlay® that exceeds the CAP standards and is poised to help governments, HOA’s, businesses and academic institutions to be in compliance to the CAP. Though it’s a “green” product, it can replace most traditional seal coat products.

Transportation and road maintenance, including replacing roads, are the highest cause of C02 and Greenhouse Gas Emissions, contributing to a larger carbon footprint, which is a major problem in California cities and counties. When municipalities need to preserve their roads, they generally go with a slurry seal, reclamite or some other type of petroleum based seal coat, which contributes to GHG as it is produced, transported and applied to roads. Angwin based Bio-Pave Products is an Authorized Distributor and Applicator of BioSpan Technologies, Inc. which invented RePlay®. It’s much different from the traditional petroleum products, and according to the CAP standards, exactly what the cities and counties need.

“We help municipalities, HOA’s, businesses and academic institutions preserve their roads, lots and trails longer and less expensively while totally reducing the carbon footprint and helping them to be in compliance to the Climate Action Plan.” says Dennis Helmer of Bio-Pave Products, LLC.

Bio-Pave is taking the opportunity to educate and expose local governments and the green industry about their products by having a booth at the Green California Summit in Sacramento on April 21 and 22. Their booth banners lists a dozen benefits which include:

– Sets In 15-30 Minutes
– Preserves Existing Striping
– Penetrates 0.75-1.25 Inches Deep
– Prevents & Reverses Oxidation
– Reduces Moisture Penetration
– Saves Your Budget
– Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions
– Made From 88% Bio-Based Materials
– Uses Agricultural Material Which Consumes CO2
– Doesn’t Produce CO2 During Manufacturing
– Provides A Negative Carbon Footprint
– Exceeds AB 32 Standards

To learn more about RePlay® and other bio based products for sealing, rejuvenating and cleaning of various surface types, please visit the website or call for a demonstration.