BloomTimes Publish New Article On New iMessage App For Windows PCs

Press Release

Apple is one of the biggest companies in the world, and is responsible for a smart revolution in portable technology that sees the iPhone remain one of the most popular smartphones year on year for over a decade. Their iMessage app enables people to send texts or host chats through an internet or 4G connection, and has been the envy of non-Apple users for years. On Earth Day the company announced iMessage now ran on zero-emission green data-centers. BloomTimes covered the announcement, and lifted the lid on how Windows users could get the app for their PCs.

iMessage is already available on Macs and all other Apple devices, but has now been made available for Windows for the first time. Whether individuals want to ensure their tech use is as ecologically friendly as possible, or have an Apple phone and Windows laptop wanting to integrate their devices, the new capability is a game changer.

BloomTimes’ article explains in full how people can secure a version of iMessage for Windows, and where they can download the app safely and for free for any device. The resources also help people with common install issues to ensure everything is running smoothly.

A spokesperson for explained, “BloomTimes is thrilled to be able to share this huge development with our readership. iMessage quickly becomes essential for anyone who is used to using it, and not being available on a Windows device meant a huge number of iPhone users were being left out in the cold on its full capabilities. That is no longer the case, making it an exciting time and long overdue. We wanted to make sure people could find all the information they could need in one place, and so collated all the relevant data and made it as easy to access as possible.”

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