Brand New Probiotics For Dogs Receive Third Batch Of Customer Feedback

Press Release

Following a product launch on Amazon U.S. at the end of April 2016, Wagglies’ Probiotics for Dogs have rapidly become a popular new product in the dog supplements category. After receiving two batches of customer feedback already, the brand have now received a third batch.

The third batch of customer feedback that the pet supplies brand had received focuses on the effectiveness of the dog probiotics. One customer said, “I have a four year old English bulldog, and have been trying to be more proactive about his health as he gets older, since his breed is prone to many health issues. I’ve been giving my dog these probiotics twice a day…and I can already see a difference. His coat is shinier, and he seems to have less gas…”, whilst another added, “…this is by far the easiest thing I have given my dogs…So far I have had them on this for over a week now and I can already see a difference in their behavior and their fur…”

“This latest customer feedback is really encouraging for us.” said Dan Clayton, Founder of Wagglies, “We gauge the success of our product through customer feedback so it’s incredibly reassuring to have such positive feedback so soon after a product launch.”

Wagglies’ Probiotics for Dogs contain 74 trace minerals, 5 strains of probiotic and 1 added prebiotic. The prebiotic is what makes Wagglies’ custom powder formula different to that of their competitors.

“The prebiotic is an essential ingredient in our Probiotics for Dogs.” continued Dan, “The prebiotic is what ensures that the probiotics get to the stomach and intestines in one piece! The prebiotic also encourages the healthy bacteria in the gut to grow, allowing the probiotics to work more effectively.”

Wagglies Probiotics for Dogs are now available in a 6oz bag (∼ 2+ months supply) from Amazon U.S.:…