Breathe Easy Carpet Cleaning Has Certificate PRM30604 In Carpet Cleaning

Press Release

Perth, Western Australia, Australia. Few realize that there are Government recognized qualifications for the carpet cleaning industry and even fewer realize that there is an actual Australian Standard for carpet cleaning. Furthermore there is an entire organization that all quality carpet cleaners should be registered members of.

The answer is simple. Substandard workmanship is rife in the Western Australia marketplace and the qualifications, standards and the Carpet Cleaning Association of Western Australia exist to keep standards high and protect the consumer’s property.

A properly trained and certified technician will know how to perform a pre-inspection. They will be able to identify the carpet construction and the fibre type. The technician then uses knowledge to determine the solution and method of cleaning that will prevent damage to sensitive fibres, wool and stain resistant nylon for example.

Andrew Connell, owner of Breathe Easy Carpet Care, understands and has the qualifications necessary to protect his customer’s property. He has certificates 2 and 3 in asset maintenance (carpet cleaning) PRM30604. He also knows the Australian Standard for carpet cleaning AS/NZS 3733:1995 and is a registered technician with the Carpet Cleaning Association of WA. Andrew Connell is trained and insured and has a working occupational health and safety document.

Andrew is a member of the Carpet Cleaning Association of Western Australia and so must attend regular training workshops and has signed and agreed to abide by their associations strict code of ethics. He truly believes that, “For guaranteed results and satisfaction to customers should always choose a carpet cleaner with recognized Government Qualifications who is also a member of the Carpet Cleaning Association of WA.”

Using anyone other than a certified and registered cleaner will only decrease the lifespan of the carpet being cleaned. Some unregistered technicians may know what they are doing, but it is a gamble few should be willing to take.

About Breathe Easy and Andrew Connell:

Andrew Connell is one of the most highly trained professionals in Perth and has spent four years as President of The Carpet Cleaning Association of WA, Western Australia’s largest group of trained independent carpet, upholstery and tile cleaning technicians. Breathe Easy Carpet and Fabric Care has been providing professional commercial and domestic carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services throughout the Perth metropolitan area since 1993.

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