California Low Cost SR22 Insurance & Non Owners Policy Free Quotes Site Launched

Press Release

The California-based premier auto, home and business insurance agency LA launched a new website with free quotes, information and affordable insure options for individuals in need of SR-22 Insurance or Non Owners SR-22 Insurance.

More information is available at is a direct insurance provider, licensed by the California Department of Insurance, protecting the community since 2003 by offering customers a wide range of comprehensive, low cost and reliable auto, home and business insurance solutions.

The firm launched a new website with extensive information and low-cost solutions for individuals needing SR-22 Insurance and Non-Owners SR22 Insurance, usually required by the DMV when a driver has a DUI/DWI incident or other violations that might lead to a suspended license reported.

The website provides expert and detailed information on ‘What is SR-22 Insurance & Non Owners SR-22 Insurance’ in California, the price difference between both SR-22 insurance policies, how long it must be carried after a DUI/DWI or other violations, and more.

The website also reveals that “in the event of a DUI/DWI, the California Department of Motor Vehicles will not reissue a driver’s license without an SR-22 form. That means that individuals cannot simply bring an insurance policy number and valid ID to have their license reinstated, and also cannot fill in the SR-22 by themselves.”

The founder and owner of, Muhammad Shafi Wazeer, adds that “SR-22 must be filled out and filed by the insurance providers. If individuals convicted of DUI/DWI after an accident are dropped by insurers, they are required to find an insurer with SR-22 insurance to get their license back. Processing an SR-22 for DUI is not cheap and that is why we offer both our conventional SR-22 and Non Owners SR-22 insurance policies at attainable rates”.

Free quotes on reliable and affordable SR 22 or Non Owners SR 22 insurance policies, covering all drivers in California, and on multiple premier auto, car, motorcycle, DUI/DWI, home or business insurance policies can be requested online through the website or at 1800-998-2092.

More information and valuable advice on SR-22 and Non Owners SR-22 Insurance in the state of California along with the low cost premier auto insurance solutions and Better Business Bureau A+ rated service provided by, can be consulted on the website link provided above.