Call for Personal Finance to Be Taught In College Supported by Expert

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Whether Universities should include courses teaching the fundamentals of personal finance along with more traditional materials is heating up. The online consumer lending and financial information company has issued a statement in support, demanding the American University system begin including basic financial skill courses in their curriculum.

The education system as it stands now is failing American consumers according to Ariel Pryor, founder and personal finance expert, who added “These are the skills of success, and our educators are ignoring the practical needs of their students.”

The company is urging schools to begin requiring students to take classes teaching subjects such as calculating true borrowing costs, budgeting, consumer credit fundamentals, saving and debt management among others.

The firm is well versed in the consequences to Americans who haven’t learned these important skills. They very often encounter people after they have made mistakes with their money, are burdened by bad credit scores and forced to search for alternatives to traditional bank lending. To view their recommendations visit Making these avoidable mistakes is outrageously costly, according to the firm, why must the cycle repeat.

“The basics of personal finance are not being taught to the degree they should. Financial success and wealth creation is founded upon wise money management in one’s household. Shouldn’t we be helping our future start off on the right foot” added Mr. Pryor.

When these fundamentals are violated, the damage can last a lifetime. was founded to give straight forward, no-nonsense financial advice. The true tragedy, according to the company, is so often the struggle and suffering they encounter which could have been avoided.

“We have a duty to ensure our next generation has the basic skills to succeed — so why are our institutions ignoring this vital piece of the puzzle,” asked Mr. Pryor.

Not just empty words, his company has released a wealth of financial guides and resources available for free on their website, and via their money success straight talk channel on Google+ here

Imagine a future where making foolish money decisions with life long consequences isn’t typical for young folks who haven’t yet learned life’s hard lessons. It’s possible, according to this personal finance expert, if only we stop ignoring this vital subject on our college campuses nationwide.

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