Carol Waldman Dentistry Offers Teeth in a Single Day

Press Release

Toronto, ON – Teeth in a Day is a specialized service available at Dr. Carol Waldman’s practice. This process is ideal for patients, who have failing teeth or those that want to replace old dentures and transition to a new, full set of non-removable dental implants. Dental implants are a state-of-the-art system which provides functional and natural-looking teeth, with a beautiful smile.

Teeth in a Day refers to the surgical procedures that are required to get implants and in most cases, is able to be accomplished in a single day. However, it is worth mentioning, the entire treatment does involve pre- and post-surgical appointments, in order to ensure the end results are outstanding. The benefits of this remarkable dental treatment system is it helps preserve bone integrity, increases comfort and esthetics, and has a reduced overall treatment time.

Dr. Carol Waldman provides a systematic and strategic treatment plan that she creates based upon each patient’s needs and requirements. While each person can have their own specific treatment plan, the general implementation of receiving dental implants involves a series of several appointments. Dr. Waldman provides a low cost consultation for dental implants and this is the first step in the process.

At this appointment, Dr. Waldman takes the time to learn about her patients, their health, and overall dental objectives. After the initial consultation, if it is determined the patient desires implants and is an ideal candidate, a comprehensive exam is completed. In addition, diagnostic records, a CT scan, and a dental scan are arranged, which have applicable fees. The information obtained from the comprehensive exam is used by Dr. Waldman to develop the patient’s personalized treatment plan.

Behind the scenes and prior to the second appointment, Dr. Waldman analyzes the information provided from the exam and CT. During the second appointment, her treatment plan is discussed in great detail. And she will provide patients with access to a digitalized rendering of their new smile online, and of course welcomes feedback and input from her patients. At this point, patients have the option to continue with treatment or discuss other options. Should they continue with the implant treatment plan, they will meet with a Treatment Coordinator to finalize the plan and make preparations for the Teeth in a Day procedure.

The third appointment is the Teeth in a Day surgical procedure, when the implants are installed. Patients get to sleep through the entire procedure and when they awake after surgery, get to enjoy their new smiles. Patients are given a temporary set of beautiful and fully functional teeth to wear while their implants integrate into the jawbone and their gums heal.

After surgery, there are several post-procedural appointments to verify the implants are integrating correctly and the healing process is progressing. It is also during these appointments where patients can discuss any concerns they have with their temporary teeth in regards to esthetic or function. There is no additional cost for post-procedural appointments.

The final step is receiving your actual teeth after your gums and jaws are fully healed. For many patients, this final appointment in the Teeth in a Day treatment is about six months after surgery. The Teeth in a Day service is one of the numerous ways Dr. Waldman and her practice demonstrate they are committed and dedicated to their patients and their dental needs. In addition, this dental clinic in Toronto offers a wide range of dental services and treatments, customizable to fit the budgets and individualized needs of their patients.

Dr. Carol Waldman is dedicated to utilizing her exceptional dental skills to offer patients easy access to implant dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, family dentistry, and other related dental treatments and services. Her goal is to reduce the amount of time patients spend in the chair while incorporating the most advanced and innovative dental technologies and techniques.

Any of her dental treatments are able to be delivered in a spa-like and relaxed environment, where patients have the option to be asleep for their entire procedures. Additionally, her Toronto dental clinic provides fresh breath diagnosis, treatment and snoring and sleep apnea services.

Dr. Waldman’s “fresh breath” service uses scientific bacteriological testing to identify bad mouth odors, and a comprehensive treatment plan to eliminate and resolve this potentially socially embarrassing condition.
For more information about Dr. Waldman and her Teeth in a Day service, or other dental services and treatments, please visit her official website at or call 416-445-6000 to arrange a free consultation appointment.

About Dr. Carol Waldman

In 1982, Dr. Carol Waldman received her DDS as a general dentist from the University of Toronto. Throughout her studies and over the years, Dr. Waldman has continued to focus on cosmetic and implant dentistry, while maintaining a passion for family dentistry services, along with the rewards of lifelong relationships with her patients. Dr. Waldman was bestowed with the honor of Diplomate of the International Congress of Oral Implantology in November 2013 and recently became a Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology/Implant Dentistry (ABOI/ID) in May 2015.

In her spare time, Dr. Waldman now instructs other dentists in the art of implant and dental esthetics, using her expertise and years spent studying with some of the world’s foremost sleep, implant, and cosmetic dentistry professionals.