Chicago Divorce Lawyer Hoffenberg and Block and Gloria Block Presented Tips For Choosing The Right Divorce Lawyer

Press Release

Gloria Block of Hoffenberg and Block is a Chicago divorce lawyer with the experience and knowledge to provide optimum representation to clients who are considering a dissolution of their marriage. Choosing the right attorney for marriage dissolution may be one of the most important decisions of a lifetime. Marriage dissolution is a complex process that affects financial, emotional and physical aspects of life. Careful research is the key to finding the best legal professional to handle the proceedings.

Experience, dedication and knowledge are the first factors to consider in a divorce attorney. According to Gloria Block, the research should begin with an understanding of the basic legal process. From this foundation, a short list of several attorneys can be prepared. An interview of the short list is the next step. The attorney should be asked about what the strategy would be for the case. Other questions should be asked of each attorney. The website for Hoffenberg and Block has posted a list of potential questions which can be helpful in making a selection.

The questions are in three main categories. The prospective client will want to ask about the firm. Experience in the type of law that will be needed is important. The attorney should be able to point to recent success in winning cases and representing clients successfully. The firm’s record of responsive communication is another factor to consider. Specialization in this type of legal matters is another question to confirm.

Asking questions about the specific case is another important area to explore with the Chicago attorney. The third area to explore is costs. Attorney’s have different fee structures and clients need to know the details about expected charges as well as any additional fees which might come into play. Once the decision has been made on the attorney, it is important to follow up frequently and continue to question whether the strategy is being followed.