City Print Design Reveals #1 Small Business Marketing Tips of 2016

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QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA – The team at Queensland-based City Print Design is thrilled to unveil the top small business marketing tip of the year. Recently, the company conducted a survey of 39 small business marketing professionals to discover their most powerful small business marketing tips of 2016, and the results have been revealed in a brand new blog post from City Print Design.

City Print Design is a small printing solutions provider that offers affordable, fast printing for small businesses. For companies that need assistance with efficient printing on items such as business cards, flyers, and brochures, City Print Design delivers a robust solution. Clients can visit the City Print Design website, upload their completed designs, and process orders in minutes.

The City Print Design team understands that marketing and advertising are crucial to the success of any small business, and the company works to ensure each print job is delivered in a timely manner. Most orders are delivered within 1-3 business days of ordering. Recently, City Print Design announced an expansion that brings their services to clients in the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. Now, any client within the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast receives free delivery, in addition to the company’s affordable rates and fast turnarounds.

The team at City Print Design recently reached out to 39 leading small business marketing pros to ask their most valuable marketing tip of the year. City Print Design reached out to marketing experts including Alex Elsea, Nellie Akalp, Brad Farris, Ken Yancey, Janet Thaeler, Michael Brenner, David Waring, Leonard Kim, and 31 others to find out which marketing tips were most valuable to them.

“City Print Design reached out to 39 Marketing Experts because we wanted to help other small business owners like ourselves explore marketing tips that we may not have otherwise considered,” said the City Print Design staff.

The advice collected varied greatly, offering a list of powerful marketing tips that can be applied in any small business. For instance, Leonard Kim said, “As a business owner who operates a small business, you need to steadily focus on everything from FourSquare, Yelp, Facebook places, Google locations and so forth…Once you have the locations set up, you need to continually audit them every three to six months to make sure they are still accurate.”

According to David Waring, “The key to small business marketing in 2016 is focus. There are so many great distribution channels out there: organic SEO, PPC advertising, Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, and a dozen more growing sites and apps…You might feel compelled to dabble in all of these, but for a small business owner, that’s a big mistake.”

Alex Elsea said, “My tip is to be where your target audience is and give them the content they want, not the content you want to give them.”

“My #1 tip for small business marketing is to not focus on what’s trendy, but what works for your business. Every year new social networks get popular and it’s overwhelming to try to keep up with every single popular platform,” said Nellie Akalp.

The full list of recommendations can be found within City Print Design’s new blog post, “39 Small Business Pros Share their #1 Small Business Marketing Tip”.

City Print Design is excited to offer this exclusive list of advice for small businesses that want to grow their traffic and conversions throughout 2016 and beyond. Details are available at

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