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Cypress, TX- Local Dentures and Dental Services of Cypress was recently featured on Small Business Trendsetters. Practice Manager, Mark Hylton explains how it is quite possible to have teeth removed and dentures made and properly fitted, helping patients go home with a brand new smile all in just one day.

Some people may wonder how it could be possible for anyone to go to their dentist, have several or all of their old, crooked, unhealthy, loose teeth removed and have new dentures made for them all in a single day. The truth is, that is quite possible and very often the best way for many patients to take care of what has been months or years of discomfort and anguish over dealing with continual pain from unhealthy and loose teeth.

DDS Dentures & Dental Services has been in business for over 25 years and has offices in 39 cities in 5 different states. Over the years DDS has developed and refined an extremely efficient process for managing patient care. The DDS offices are able to meet all of their patient’s required needs with all necessary facilities including a lab at each location.

Dr. Pranov Mody of the DDS Cypress Location shares his thoughts and feelings about his passion for serving his community, creating smiles and changing lives. Dr. Mody is a Native Houstonian and a Graduate of University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston.

Dr. Mody is passionate about the way he works with his patients and takes all the time necessary to listen to them and determine the best treatment plan for each individual person. His philosophy on patient treatment is pretty simple and treats everyone with dignity, respect and understanding regardless of their circumstances. He also feels that understanding and empathy are somewhat of a lost art in the field of dentistry today and has built his foundation and reputation on this philosophy. Dr. Mody helps a huge variety of patients, some who have gone for years without proper dental care and many who have suffered from ongoing pain and discomfort for a very long time. Some patients finally visit their dentist solely out of absolute necessity and are fearful and concerned due to their prior experiences from the past. Dr. Mody makes it a point to be extremely patient and compassionate with all his patients, listening carefully to determine their true needs and desires to improve their dental health and change their lives for the better. He provides a thorough examination and treatment plan that will fit his patients individual and unique circumstances and needs.

Dentures & Dental Services® of Cypress offers many general dentistry services including extractions, dental implants, partials, crowns and bridges but specializes in providing Dentures and Implants at the most affordable cost for their patients. For patients in need of dentures, they are able to provide high-quality dentures in as little as one day with their state-of-the-art technology and on-site labs in each and every office. In addition, they currently offer to beat any competitors price by 10% if any patient brings in a written treatment plan from another dental office and gladly offer a second opinion for patients as well. The team of professionals at Dentures and Dental Services of Cypress is committed to their patient’s dental needs and seeks to ensure that they are delighted with their new smiles.

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