Denver Epoxy Garage Floor Experts Offer 15 Year Warranty

Press Release

Denver epoxy garage floor is a trusted firm with premium products and services for homeowners and businesses. The use of epoxy as a floor covering has been found to stand up to the wear and tear of foot or vehicle traffic. The durability is warrantied for up to fifteen years. The company offers one-day installation and the floors are car ready in just 24 hours. The highest standards of quality are necessary for clients such as the University of Colorado Health.

Impeccable requirements of cleanliness are the standard for clean rooms, operating room storage areas and emergency room clients. The same quality of products are available for garage floors or business epoxy flooring needs. Epoxy is a full floor solution for basements, patios and commercial establishments, as well as for garage floors. Speed of application is a benefit of choosing the Denver firm. The professionals can come in with the products and equipment to install the epoxy quickly. Within a matter of hours, the surface can be cured enough to walk or drive on.

There are several benefits from the installation of epoxy. It is tough and one of the most durable finishes which can be applied to a garage floor or other area, indoors or outdoors. The epoxy surface protects the concrete or cement from wear and damage. In addition, the surface is transformed into an aesthetically appealing appearance. The surface is available in multiple colors and a range of textures. Customized looks are available by consultation with the professional teams.

The epoxy coating has the advantage of being smoother than the underlying surface. This is a help for safety reasons. The surface is very easy to clean, and usually can be accomplished with water. Cutting down on rough surfaces means there is less likelihood of dirt and hiding places for organisms.