Des Moines Dentist Implements State of the Art Pinhole Procedure to Help Patients Avoid Surgery

Press Release

Dr. Steven Reeves of Des Moines Dental Center is now implementing a modern technique that helps patients avoid the pain and invasive procedures associated with traditional gum surgeries. It’s called Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation, and it helps patients with receding gumlines to cover exposed root surfaces without the need for conventional tissue grafting techniques.

When aggressive tooth brushing habits or periodontal disease are at work, gum tissues naturally creep further down the surface of the tooth. These receding areas can cause sensitivity, tooth mobility, aesthetic challenges, and even tooth loss.

Traditionally, grafting of tissues from another area of the mouth, or even donor tissue, were needed to remedy the receding gumline. The grafting process is known to be a typically uncomfortable procedure, especially when sutures and surgical removal of donor site tissue is needed.

Now, there’s a more convenient, comfortable option: the Pinhole technique. (
“With Pinhole treatments, I’m able to gently stretch existing tissues over the exposed roots,” says Reeves, “There is no incision or post operative pain.” Instead, the patient is able to use tissues that they already have in the area surrounding the tooth.

Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation involves taking a small point and creating a “pinhole” in an area of healthy gum tissue. Then, a special surgical instrument is used to loosen and pull the skin over the exposed surface of the tooth. Pinhole treatments are considered to be minimally invasive, and provide immediate cosmetic results.

“My patients find that recovering from a Pinhole treatment is much more convenient than traditional forms of oral surgery. Most report that there isn’t any discomfort whatsoever,” says Reeves. He states that this alternative to gum grafting eases the burden of conventional surgeries, as only local anesthesia is necessary.

The Pinhole technique is one of the most advanced forms of gum tissue rejuvenation implemented by dentists and periodontal specialists across the country. Following the procedure, Dr. Reeves recommends avoiding brushing or flossing in the surgical site for at least six weeks.

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