Destroy Carpenter Ant Nest In House Walls & Trees New Pest Control Site Launched

Press Release

A new site has launched that guides people in how to destroy carpenter ants around the house, whether they’re nesting in the walls, or outside in the garden. The Killing Carpenter Ants site provides a wealth of information, from the best products to buy to the easiest and simplest methods for carpenter ant removal that house owners can use without calling the exterminator.

More information can be found on the Killing Carpenter Ant website at:

Carpenter ants are most active during the spring and summer months. The Killing Carpenter Ants site says now is the time to identify the active area where their nests are located and eradicate them before they can do some serious damage to a customer’s property. It is most common to find carpenter ant nests inside during the winter months and early spring. However as the weather begins to warm most nests will be found in outside buildings, yards and trees. Once the nest has been located steps should be taken to rid the area of before they can do damage to homes and other dwellings.

Despite the relatively small size of these insects they live and function in fairly large populations. This means they have the potential to do a lot of structural damage. The Killing Carpenter Ants site explains how hiring an outside pest exterminator can be a very expensive purchase, so finding techniques and products that can deal with carpenter ants in a reliable way can help people save vast amounts of money. The first step to eradicating the problem is in knowledge and understanding. After that, the important thing is finding the right ant killer for the situation.

A number of different products are available, from liquid ant bait stations to ant sprays and powders, and ultrasonic pest controllers. Liquid bait stations attract the ants into a killing solution that makes them easy to dispose of. Ant powders can be beneficial because they stay active for long periods of times, while ultrasonic controllers don’t kill the ants, they just stop them coming in someone’s home.