Digital Marketing Agency Explains Why It’s Crucial For Real Estate Agents To Stay Active Online

Press Release

While digital marketing agency Yurz, Inc. caters to a variety of businesses, real estate agents especially, continue to benefit from their advertising services. Yurz, Inc. offers their clients interesting and unique ways to stay relevant online, and stresses the importance of having a strong online presence. While real estate agents sometimes struggle to consistently create engaging content for their social media outlets, Yurz, Inc. provides some easy ways to solve that problem.

When asked why it’s important for real estate agents to provide engaging content online, Yurz, Inc.’s CEO, Jeffrey Essebag, answered, “Creating interesting content on various social media outlets is the easiest way to openly communicate with potential clients.” Essebag went on to explain how social media is a free way to reach more potential leads. “All it takes is for some people to ‘like’ or ‘share’ a post, and viewers who would never have seen the business’s page otherwise, now see it- without even looking for it,” explained Essebag.

Once businesses understand why they should be creating content for their Facebook pages, blogs, and other social media outlets, they still have a hard time knowing what exactly to write about. For real estate agents, there are many topics they can post about that relate back to their business. Whether they post about something as simple as their local listings, or upcoming events happening in the neighborhoods in which they typically serve; potential clients will see the post, and stay interested. The second a business stops posting, they no longer appear on potential clients’ computer screens; and their relevance ultimately diminishes over time.

If businesses want to post on more than just Facebook, blogs are a wonderful way to create engaging content for potential clients. Businesses can choose to write their own articles for their blogs, or they can provide links to interesting articles that already exist. Either way, clients have the option to share the content with friends; thus, expanding their target audience. It’s important not to forget to provide a link to the company’s main website, so viewers are directed there when visiting the blog.

“Posting content seems easy enough, but many businesses still fail to do it,” pointed out Essebag. Many businesses find having to create new posts all the time to be overwhelming. Essebag continued, “It’s wise to start with one social media site, and as they get more comfortable posting, expand to more and more sites at their own pace.”

Yurz, Inc. provides digital advertising platforms to real estate agents, and many other types of businesses. The digital agency has been featured in the Inc. 500 and Inc. 5000 for four years running. Yurz, Inc. continues to dominate the digital space, as it is expanding nationwide. For any comments, questions, or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact Yurz, Inc. at (800) 699-8243 or visit for more information.