Digital Marketing Company Gives Advice On Building Strong Relationships with Clients

Press Release

A big reason companies use digital advertising, is to connect more closely with their customers. Building relationships with clients is important for businesses that strive to instill trust in their customers, and strengthen their brand. Digital marketing agency, Yurz, Inc., offers the tools necessary to help their clients reach out to potential and existing clients to ensure the strength of their brand.

“Reaching customers is more than just creating a business website,” explained Jeffrey Essebag, CEO of Yurz, Inc. There are many components involved in reaching out to customers and making a personal connection. “If businesses take the time to reach out to their customers and make them feel like they’re being heard, it can give the company incredible longevity,” continued Essebag.

There are a number of ways a company can digitally reach out to their customers. Yurz, Inc. encourages their clients to stay active on their Facebook Business Page. When people respond to their posts, the company should be posting back, and creating a conversation. A great way to get potential leads to engage with the company, is by posting something that includes a call to action. In other words, a company should be posting content that encourages client involvement through polls, quizzes, or simple questions.

Another way businesses can connect with potential and existing clients, is by sending them emails every little while. Not only is sending an email a fun way to check in, but it reminds them that the company is still around and open for business. Running a business isn’t always about getting new customers; it’s also about keeping existing ones. Yurz, Inc. ensures their clients are rewarding their customers for their business. A simple way to thank customers for their loyalty, is by offering to buy them a cup of coffee when they refer them to their friends or family; or giving them a discount for using their services for a second time.

“Customer retention is a huge part of running a successful business,” pointed out CEO of Yurz, Inc., Jeffrey Essebag. He continued, “Happy customers are more likely to refer the company to their friends and family, even if it’s simply by re-posting the company’s content that they find on the internet.”

Yurz, Inc. offers all kinds of helpful digital marketing advice to big and small business nationwide. Yurz, Inc.’s team of digital experts work one on one with clients to ensure their businesses are handling customers in the most productive way possible. To find out more about the digital advertising platforms they offer, don’t hesitate to call (800) 699-8243 or visit for more information.