Endicott Attorney Represents Criminal Defense Clients

Press Release

Chris Brown Law and Chris Brown, former prosecutor in the Broome County DA Office, has handled a range of criminal and domestic violence cases. He has handled traffic tickets, felony driving while intoxicated, violent assault and first degree rape. With more than one hundred cases brought to trial, Mr. Brown has knowledge and experience on both sides of the courtroom. He is able to assure each client an aggressive defense against a wide range of charges.

The experience which Chris Brown has accrued include defense cases of driving while intoxicated, drug crimes and domestic violence. He has experience in divorce and custody court cases, as well as white collar crimes. His client list includes cases of driving without a valid license and organized crime charges. As a defense attorney, Mr. Brown has defended criminal cases throughout every region of upstate New York. His experience extends to representing defendants under investigation by federal authorities, for wiretaps or national drug trafficking.

The attorney brings his knowledge of family law and matrimonial law to benefit his clients. He can help with liquor license applications and general assistance with state agencies. Another major area is in real estate and estate planning. The purchase or sale of real estate should be handled with the assistance of an attorney to avoid mix-ups. Planning ahead for estates is a wise move for anyone who wants to direct the disposition of property.

Chris Brown is also available to represent clients in contract disputes and LLC formation, as well as in bankruptcy filings. Personal injury cases can be handled effectively using the knowledge of the law accrued by Mr. Brown during his years of practice. The selection of an attorney is an important decision and should not be done based solely on the information in an advertisement. A consultation with Chris Brown is recommended for any type of legal matter.