Eugene Oregon House Sale Listings & Valuation New Site For 6 Year Anniversary

Press Release

Key Realty Group, a real estate agency in Eugene, Oregon, has celebrated its six year anniversary by relaunching its property site and offering a host of services for people in the local area looking for houses to buy. The company has also valued and sold people’s homes for six years, helping customers to get the best deals for their property and find new places to live in and around Oregon.

More information can be found on the Key Realty Group website at:

As part of the celebratory six year anniversary relaunch, the Key Realty Group site focuses on all that Eugene has to offer, including full details of the area’s background and history. It explains how Eugene Franklin Skinner built the first cabin in the area in 1846 and founded the town sixteen years later, he founded the town of Eugene in 1862. Eugene Skinner’s descendants still live in Eugene, Oregon, today.

For six years, the company has prided itself on providing great customer service during its real estate business, and the new site makes it even easier for people to buy and sell houses in Eugene within a few clicks. There is a powerful search engine that allows anyone to look for houses based on the location, postal code, address, or listing ID. The search engine will then bring up a full listing of properties in the area, which can be filtered by price, age, and property size. Each also comes with a full gallery of images, so people can get a better idea of what the house looks like.

Users wanting to sell their own property can use the website to arrange a completely free home inspection, where the experienced real estate agents will value the property. The site explains how the agents know how to guide each customer through the current real estate market and ensure they get the best possible price for their home.

Anyone wanting to contact Key Realty Group can do so using a form on the website.