EzyFit Announces its Waist Trimmer is Now Available on a Spring Promotion

Press Release

EzyFit today announced that customers looking to buy their next waist trimmer are now able to purchase their own EzyFit Waist Trimmer from Amazon at a special spring promotion price whilst stocks are available.

The EzyFit Waist Trimmer promotion marks EzyFit ‘s first active spring promotion in the product line. Everyone within the business was excited when the product promotion was announced, especially since those within EzyFit feel that “It helps the customers after winter to get ready for summer clothing especially swimwear. It is now time for them to get out and get active, get rid of those extra pounds faster by targeting the stomach after eating all that comfort food during winter.”

Jessica Shawe, spokesperson at EzyFit , when asked about EzyFit Waist Trimmer said:

“Spring is here, time to ‘sweat off the winter blubber’ while users walk, run, exercise, work or do chores. It is an easy and cost effective way to get back in shape and to where they want to be in time for summer activities”

Consumers active in the weight loss and fitness market will be interested to know EzyFit Waist Trimmer was been developed with women aged 25-45 in mind. With it being made with 3 mm Neoprene, it is a snug fit to generate heat which then stimulates weight loss.

This special spring time offer just announced is the first time that any promotion has been run for this product. Now that people are wanting to shed the weight gained during winter, the waist trimmer is the ideal tool to do just that in the run up to summer.

Having developed the product to be used in any environment that the user is in, it is suited to being worn whilst carrying out spring cleaning and doing the usual day to day activities that are part of the intended users lives. This is verified by these testimonials from customers:

Misty said “I carry my weight in my mid section and simply need the support and structure to keep me in a good posture while workout out to prevent injury.” she purchased the EzyFit waist trimmer and said it has “the flexibility I was after with the support I need.”

Mum of one said “This belt is good if you are trying to shed that unwanted flabby belly section, loose some inches in your waist, give extra support while you are working out or even if you are suffering from a bad back which is one of my big things right now”

Treshawna said “This is an awesome work out waist trimmer. Its soft and moves with me as I work out.”

Sophia said she didn’t exercise much but “I just wrap it and go on with my daily routine. And after a few minutes I feel it’s working. It is like a sauna on my waist”.

With these satisfied customers bearing testimony, it is no wonder that the developer has started this promotion to get more people in shape as summer looms.

Those interested in learning more about the business can do so on their business website here.