Fire Food Chef Launches New Burger Recipe Lineup Marking Barbecue Open Season

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As warm weather finally sweeps the nation, Americans are gearing up for the annual barbecue season; in truth, 56 percent of those who cook out do so all year in spite of frigid temperatures. According to the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association, more than 200 million households across the country are currently equipped to enjoy cooking outdoors with an estimated 15 million additional grill purchases forecast for the months to come. In honor of this dedication to the tradition of barbecuing, William Clay of Fire Food Chef has launched the company’s 17 Classy Burger Recipes.

Said Clay, “Burgers are a staple at barbecues, but plenty of grill chefs and their guests are growing bored with the norm. Our recipes are here to put an entirely new spin on a classic favorite and give America’s grillers an opportunity to create gourmet experiences right in their back yards. We’ve compiled unique recipes from some of the world’s most renowned chefs and made them available to barbecue beginners and flame aficionados alike.”

Among Fire Food Chef’s lineup is the Insanity Burger from Jamie Oliver, a signature blend of flavors mixed with minced chuck steak rather than supermarket variety ground beef. Jan Braai combines burgers with an infamous cocktail in his Bloody Mary Burger. A truffle cheese-stuffed burger with crispy trumpet mushrooms also makes the cut as does the Bourbon Burger, which calls for whiskey in the burger itself as well as its sauce. A number of other variations have also been provided via the Fire Food Chef website.

Clay noted, “For those who are ready to take their barbecues to the next level, we recommend a smoker, and Weber could be considered the most well-known name in the industry when it comes to outdoor cooking. We’ve published our own reviews of the company’s Smokey Mountain Cooker. Three different models are included in this lineup, and visitors can learn more about each of them through the link on our website.”

The Fire Food Chef review mentions the smaller Weber 711001 14-inch model is appropriate for novices as well as those only entertaining a small number of guests. Larger models in the Smokey Mountain Cooker collection feature wider doors than earlier versions and accommodate larger crowds. More in-depth information can be found at

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