Flight Simulator Gamez Is Please To Announce The Top 7 Flight Simulators Games For PC

Press Release

Flight Simulator Gamez is pleased to announce its list of the best flight simulator games for PC. The top seven favorite software options are marked by the technology and by the graphics which are shared across the list. Flight simulators have evolved dramatically from what was available in past decades. They now offer the latest in graphics and simulation technology. For anyone who wants to experience something of the joy of taking to the air with a small plane, or engaging enemy armies in battle using fighter jets, perusing the list is helpful.

Thanks to the features available in the flight simulator 2015 options, the user can try out the range of options available on the software. A competent pilot can “fly” more than one type of plane, so trying out everything from biplanes to commuter planes is encouraged. The software which offers a range of available altitudes and an array of aircraft types is the focus of this list of top seven simulators for PCs.

A notable entrant onto the list of best flight simulator options is Virtual Pilot 3D. The software effectively recreates the full experience of being a pilot and flying a plane. The graphics include more than 20,000 real world airports in the scenery set, with each detail as accurate as possible. The software integrates in real time with Google Maps in order to pinpoint the exact location in the game.

Strike Fighters 2 is set in the 60s and provides the options of joining the Air Force, Marines, Navy or an ops Mercenary unit of the US armed forces. Other games in the series allow the player to incorporate locations such as Israel, Europe and Vietnam. IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 is set in the World War II era with associated planes and locations. Flaming Cliffs 3 is an add-on which upgrades the original game LockOn: Modern Air Combat.