Free Online Pilates Lessons Offer a Safe and Easy Learning Experience

Press Release

Robert Hannum, M.Ed is a certified advanced instructor of Pilates mat exercises. This year he celebrates 40 years as a mat Pilates teacher. He was taught by the ‘Pilates Elder’ Mary Bowen, and is today’s leading voice calling for a return to the way that the founder, Joseph Pilates, originally taught – simple and easy to understand.

Pilates is known worldwide as one of the most effective workouts for strengthening the ‘core’ which is a group of muscles in the center of the body that are key for overall strength, agility and balance. They are so important that many elite athletes include Pilates in their conditioning programs, and many physical therapists recommend Pilates for back rehabilitation.

Mr. Hannum presents a new series of 12 free lessons which are quick and easy to learn. These lessons are a major departure from existing Pilates instruction by returning to a easy-to-understand yet safe way for beginners to learn Pilates, the way it was originally taught.

These short step-by-step video lessons are the result of many years studying each exercise and removing unnecessary terms and imagery that have become so common in current Pilates instruction, making it difficult, time-consuming and expensive to learn, especially for beginners.

These new lessons are safe for any age and fitness level. No exercise experience is required. The exercises can be done anytime and anywhere without equipment or a gym. Suitable for learning at home or during a work break. The lessons are now available at

Mr. Hannum supplements his free online Pilates lessons with free personal support through email, skype or phone.