Global and Chinese Cinnamic Alcohol Market Witnesses Mild Transformations: Report by Radiant Insights

Press Release

Cinnamic alcohol is an unrefined compound and present in esterified form in Balsam of Peru, storax, and cinnamon leaves. When pure, it forms a white crystalline solid and when little impure, a yellow oil. Storax experiences hydrolysis to generate cinnamic alcohol. This composite has a unique smell which is stated as green, spicy, hyacinth, powdery, sweet, etc.

The product is used as a body spray and in perfumery. Its wide popularity because of these applications drives the global and Chinese cinnamic Alcohol Market. The compound is present naturally in small quantities. Its manufacturing demand is usually met by chemical synthesis beginning from cinnamaldehyde.

Cinnamic alcohol has a sensitizing impact on some people. It also finds applications in the production of hand & body products, bath products, hair dressing aids, and tonics. The multiple applications of this organic compound augur really well for the market and propel its sales. Cinnamic’s persistence on being mixed with other composites also positively affects market growth.

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However, non-food allergies may arise on exposure to the product. These allergies are actually negative reactions generated from the human immunity. The reactions can manifest in the form of breathing difficulties, severe anaphylactic shocks, stomach problems, headaches, eczemas, etc. Generally, people are exposed to cinnamic alcohol through detergents, aesthetic products, scents, oral products, drinks, and chewing gums.

Harmful side effects resulting from such exposures have led the ‘European Union’ to make safety guidelines for consumers. These injurious effects limit the market from making extra bucks. On the other hand, awareness regarding the pros & advantages of this composite has catapulted the global and Chinese cinnamic alcohol market to the next level.

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The cosmetics industry has benefitted a lot from the applications of the aforementioned market. In particular, its hair and skin sectors have been very lucrative. This has also contributed market sales. The market is fragmented by nations, firms, and applications. Capacities, production specifications, demand/supply, and production values of the product could vary for global and Chinese markets.

The global and Chinese cinnamic alcohol market witnesses mild transformations. Its success & failure rely on the compound’s favorable & unfavorable characteristics respectively.